This is a blog which I created to share my graphic work. Thanks Harini

Saturday, March 03, 2007


Logo I designed for my own Flash project !

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Back to School Sept 6th :

Hopefully will have better things to share then :)

Final Project ! Sin(Devil)

Again varous images combined to create the effect of SIN....


One image of a leaf modified differently in each box.....


Book Dust cover !

Keep Your Books Clean !

July 4th

I know its late for the July 4th Poster but its still July :))

Dream Vacation

This project has been made combining some pictures...describing a dream vacation that we all might want to go to ...far from the crowded world...!

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Meditation is good :)

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Spring Time

Monday, February 13, 2006

Am I from Japan?

Sudhar's Challenge accepted and acheived by Harini !

Sunday, February 12, 2006


Refreshing Illustrator skills for this session !

Modified Clock

we were asked to modify the clock then, and here it goes, made the design tile myself and added some colors, not too good but defintiely not too bad either :)


And now my favourite Illustrator,I always thought illustrator was my favourite, but now I think I l;ike photosshop as well:) May be more I learn more i will do:)

Lets start !

Lets start with my new class, photoshop, my prof is really impressed that am picking up things faster, as I am the beginner everyone else knows a bit of Photoshop. ! Learnt this as my first project :)

Back To School !

I know this is not the word which excites a lot of kids. I was one of them but now fortunately I have grown a little bit and started liking this school of mine. After a whole month of break now my school started 2 weeks back and we are back to our projects and works. am indeed very excited once again to share my stuff with all of you. Hoope these are as good and appreciated as the previous ones, and I hope you all see some growth in the artist in me :) during my second semester.


Saturday, December 17, 2005

Color Car

Hope you guys remember my black & white car... this is a new version of it :)

Merry christmas